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9 Things To Consider When Choosing An E-commerce Marketing Agency

9 Things To Consider When Choosing An E-commerce Marketing Agency

E-commerce marketing agencies are on the rise not only because e-commerce is one of the most highly competitive industries online (if not arguably the most competitive) but also because many people don’t understand the technical know-how involved with marketing online.

Now and then, people are looking to buying stuff online. They are actively searching for that one thing that has being their need, and once they find your products/services appealing enough, they make purchases, consequently bring in cash into your pocket.

Hence, this points out a significant concern: how to get my product/services seen online? The simple and clear answer to the question – E-commerce Marketing.

E-commerce marketing is what your firm needs to boost your chances of ranking high in Google SERPs and bringing your product/services to the fore where it can get seen.

By applying the right e-commerce marketing strategy, you can outsmart your competition by carefully examining what they are doing right and that which they are not doing right. You can then improve upon that area with the aid of an e-commerce marketing agency to boost your brand, get your product known and consequently making more sales.

The decision to go with a marketing agency relies solely on the individual organization. The pressure to deliver and get massive instant results is high and to do so; it is crucial to follow the right plan from start to finish.

Also, there is always a lingering balance on whether to put matters in the hand of the home marketing team or to outsource to a specialist e-commerce marketing agency. Certain specific knowledge needed to carry out an effective campaign might be lacking from the home team, hence the need for e-commerce marketing services from an outside agency. The workload on the home team is also a pivotal decider in the ultimate decision.

To avoid any form of partnership disaster between your firm and your prospective e-commerce marketing agency, here are nine key traits to look out for and serve as a guide to help you in the process of choosing an agency for your next digital campaign or project.

How to quickly identify a digital marketing agency fit for your business

1. Your business goals

In your quest to hire an e-commerce marketing agency for your firm, you need to be on the front foot. You must have clear goals that you want to accomplish within a specific period. Going on a search party for e-commerce marketing services without any goals set is a self-defeating task; there is no way you can measure your progress without predefined goals.

By not setting down your goals before reaching out to an agency, you run the risk of the agency laying out plans that they have used with another firm for you. While this may work in some instances, most of the time using a ‘generic’ strategy is bound to fail; especially if the niche or audience is different.

Having well fleshed out goals makes things easier and smooth for both parties. You already know the areas you need improvement, and the agency already knows where to focus on. Also, the agency already has the necessary knowledge to bring to life a digital marketing campaign that ensures your objectives are met. You must make sure your short term goals are distinct from your long term goals.

Achievable and specific goals enable both you, and the agency to assign areas of priority and lay down the tracking process. In no time, your business should be on the right path to beefing up your online marketing presence.

2. The agency’s experience

How experienced is the agency you want to hire? Check out their website to see the caliber of clients they have worked with and how many past customers recommend them. If you see a list of top quality clients on their log, it is very likely that this agency does an excellent job. There can’t be a more positive way of ascertaining their level of expertise. Go through their online portfolio and see for yourself.4.

3. A detailed portfolio of case studies

The e-commerce marketing agency you are trying to hire must have some previous jobs samples highlighted on their website. Samples of both old and recent jobs should be easily accessible on the agency’s website. Make sure to thoroughly through them. What you see in their portfolio already gives you a broad idea of what to expect and also helps see if they suit your business need. Be sure that those samples display some pedigree. An agency’s portfolio is a good show of their creativity and technical capabilities. Be sure to go through case studies most relevant to your business vertical and assess the result they generated.

4. Customer satisfaction

How satisfied are their customers? Check out the reviews and testimonials on their page. Take note of all the glowing ones as well as the criticism of their services. Positive reviews generally come from previous customers who have had a positive experience. Their support team must be easily reachable for any form of complaint or inquiries.  

5. Technical expertise

The technical capability of an agency goes a long way in determining the type of agency to go for in the long run. You can begin by asking yourself the following questions like: What is their operational setup? What is their modus operandi? What are the ways this agency can significantly improve my brand’s awareness, which will, as a result, improve conversion rates? Does this agency have the required skill set to convert my brand’s clicks to purchase, and from one time buyers to repeated clients?

If the agency you’re vetting offers a positive response to all your questions, chances are, they are the right fit for you!

6. What strategy will they apply

The marketing strategy employed by an e-commerce marketing agency is as important as their technical capability. An excellent strategy is to employ a wide range of methods that will not only bring in more brand awareness for your brand but also boost sales through several advertising campaigns.

Among a  host of several methods that can be employed by an e-commerce agency to achieve set goals for your brand are the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Content Marketing

The methods are not limited to the above mentioned alone, but these are among the most widely used when it comes to e-commerce marketing.

7. Your available resources

Do you have the budget to hire a top class agency to handle your brand’s online awareness and boost sales in return? You must decide if you have the capability and will to go for the agency of your choice at a certain investment level. You should consider the resources at your disposal when on the lookout for a digital marketing agency. Most of the time, top agencies have higher fees and rates. However, there is always the possibility of finding an agency that can adjust to your available resources through a tailor-made strategy.

8. The agency’s positioning

An agency offering digital marketing services to its clients must be able to showcase themselves. In other words, they must be able to practice what they preach. Things to look out for as a strong indication that an e-commerce marketing agency can deliver the goods is to take a close look at their website:

  • Is the layout of their website intuitive and a testament of the value they pose to offer?
  • Is the navigation on their site seamless and encourages user interaction?
  • Do they have a blog with quality content about their niche of marketing?
  • Is their customer support system functional or non-existent?
  • Are their features in place to engage with the visitors on every visit?

9. Effective communication

The ability to effectively communicate with customers is essential. A decent marketing agency must be able to relay business ideas back to you and be available when required. If there are gaps in communication with you as a client, think of how this can impact clients and visitors to your store. Be sure to verify their communication channels and try them out one by one to get an overview of what to expect if you choose them.

How to save time in your search for an ecommerce marketing agency

Universal Digital Agency is a full-fledged ecommerce marketing agency with years of experience in various niches. We work with top brands across the globe and always ensure your goals are met. All our strategies are result-oriented and tailor-made according to your specific needs.

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